The Russellville Fire Department - Open Burn Permit

All residents must register with the Russellville Fire Department, either online or by calling 968-2332 during regular business hours (8-5, M-F), prior to burning.

Complete the following form and submit it online.

Name: (You must be 18 years of age or older)
Burn Location: (Physical address of the burn)
Burn Type:

  read burn type descriptions located in the blue box to the right
E-Mail: (optional)
Issue Date:

Read the following safety guidelines. You must read every section and check its checkbox before being able to submit your burn permit form.

Burn Permits shall be valid for two days starting on the day of issuance and may be revoked at any time by the fire official.
Attendance and Extinguishment
Fires shall not be left unattended and shall be completely extinguished before sunset. Certain exceptions are allowed for Commercial Burn Permits
Adult Supervision
Burning activity must be continuously supervised by a responsible adult property owner or occupant of the property.

Yard Waste Only
Burning is limited to yard waste such as grass and hedge clippings, leaves, etc. The burning of trash and related refuse is strictly prohibited at all times.
Size of Piles
To ensure control and safety, burn piles are to be kept to a size pending the permittee's extinguishment capabilities and available burning area, meeting the location requirements of Section 307.4.
Minimize Smoke
To reduce smoke, burn pile dimensions should be kept to a minimum and do not burn wet material.

Permit shall be limited to the Burn Location address listed on the permit and shall not be transferred to another address.
Safe Distance
Burn pile distance shall be in accordance to Section 307.4.
Private Property
At no time shall burning occur within the public right-of-way and/or setbacks along city streets, street curbs or sidewalks.

Fire Extinguishment
A minimum of one portable fire extinguisher complying with Section 906 with a minimum 4-A rating or other approved on-site extinguishing equipment, such as dirt, sand, water barrel, garden hose or water truck, shall be available for immediate utilization. Alternative provisions approved by the Fire Department may be accepted for burns that are located in remote agricultural or land development settings.
Ignition Material
Burn piles are to be ignited with dry material only; at no time is gasoline or other flammable fuels used as an ignition source.
Windy Conditions
Burning shall be permitted only when winds do not exceed 20 miles per hour as reported by the Weather Service during the entire period of burning.
Burn Bans
All open burning shall cease immediately upon the order of the Fire Department or the issuance of a county-wide burn ban due to extreme dryness, drought, high winds or other hazardous conditions.

Occasionally, the Fire Department may be summoned to a complaint of burning. Based on the complaint, the Department may respond to determine the nature of the call and ascertain if a Burn Permit has been issued to the address. IN most cases, if a permit is issued to the address and provisions of the permit are met, the permit applicant will be allowed to continue to burn. However, if it is found there is no permit issued, or the permit application is not meeting the provisions of his permit, a citation with a possible fine may be issued. Complainants will be asked to provide their name, address and telephone number as a part of the burn complaint report.

I have read and agree to abide by the below regulations.
Any person who knowingly falsifies information within this application is subject to be charged with tampering with public record per Arkansas Code Ann §5-54-121. Submitting false, vague or misleading information will void the permit.

RFD Seal Burning Ban Tracker
The Arkansas Forestry Commission website maintains a state map of county burn bans.

Check Wind Speed

Burn Types
Residential/Yard Waste
The burning of yard waste (leaves, grass or limbs) within one's yard

Commercial/Land Clearing/Agricultural
For commercial burning or the burning of crop land
Requires Fire Marshal approval

The public display of a fire
Requires Fire Marshal approval

307.4 Location
The location for open burning shall not be less than 50 feet from any structure, and provisions shall be made to prevent the fire from spreading to within 50 feet of any structure.

1. Fires in approved containers that are not less than 15 feet from a structure.

2. The minimum required distance from a structure shall be 25 feet where the pile size is 3 feet or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height.

307.4.1 Bonfires
A bonfire shall not be conducted within 50 feet of a structure or combustible material unless the bonfire is contained in a barbeque pit. Conditions which could cause a fire to spread within 50 feet of a structure shall be eliminated prior to ignition.

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Russellville Fire Department - 203 W. 2nd Street (Office Ph: 479-968-2332)